Naplan Reading Magazine

Naplan Reading Magazine 2011

Australian life in 1901 – Daily life, jobs, transport, entertainment. 


Explore benchmarks in the next 100 years

*Migration: Who were the people who came to Australia? Why did they come?

View key dates and events on following website:

*What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian society?

Industry – trades/skills/jobs/tools



Arts – Music



Celebrations – Festivals

Integrated Curriculum – History


1885_Primary School Questions


Strategy 9: Distinguishing between Fact & Opinion

W4T2 Fact & Opinion


Strategy 8: Drawing Conclusions & Making Inferences

w3 Drawing Inferences

w3 Biography Sample

w3 What’s Happening? 

Strategy 4: Recognising Cause & Effect

Individual Learning Task: Shark (Info. Report)

Strategy 6: Making Predictions

Strategy 8: Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

Strategy 10: Identifying Author’s Purpose - http://www.sparklee.comAuthors Purpose Presentation

Complete the online reading activity here and identify the Author’s Purpose for each example.


Strategy 11: Interpreting Figurative Language

Figurative Language Devices

Locate these images and other posters for Reading and Comprehension Skillshere.

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