Quality Homework

Quality homework consists of your best effort, and includes ruled margins, clear headings and complete answers. It does not necessarily require extra adornment such as shaded pages, stickers and fancy artwork, although you are welcome to do so, if you enjoy doing it.

Homework will be made available on a Friday, and must be handed in the following Friday to enable correction in class. This is a non-negotiable. No excuses.

It is your responsibility to manage your time during the week to complete all tasks, and to also allow yourself time to consult with me, if there are questions you are unsure of.

Click below for this week’s homework.

Term 2 2018

Homeweek week 7

Congratulations on the effort that went into homework this week. I think your parents may think you could hit a category 5 if your bedrooms are anything to go by!!!(Joke, I’m sure your rooms are perfect.)

We are continuing with our Natural Disasters inquiry this week with a focus on data.

homework week 7-2ke4chi

Read through the questions CAREFULLY.

Continue on with Spellodrome and Mathletics-

Wow to those students who are filling the SPELLOMETRE..

Homework week 6 – cyclones


Read through the homework requirements CAREFULLY.

Have you completed all homework requirements?

Your homework WILL BE presented to your class on Friday.







Do you know your cyclones from your storm surges? Do you know what to pack in your emergency kit or the differences between cyclone categories?

Take our quiz to see how prepared you are for a cyclone (Pretend you live in a cyclone prone area.)





Look carefully at the link above. It will HELP you write your own descriptive paragraph for the cyclone you have created in your own name.


1.So comparing Sam and Jacob, which cyclone was potentially more destructive? Look at the cyclone tracker and describe what happened? Write a paragraph for each tracker. Screen capture the two cyclone trackers and add them to your descriptive paragraph. Include the direction the cyclone was tracking, where it started and finished, the intensity, if it hit land, how fast it was traveling (look at times and distance).


2.Make up a fictitious cyclone using your own name.  Insert a map of Australia into an app of your choice and draw your own cyclone tracker heading towards the coast. Add the times and intensity to your tracker? What category is your cyclone when it hit mainland? Where did it hit? Add photos (from Images- pretending it is your own cyclone) showing what impact your cyclone had. Did you make front page news?

(extension (optional extra)- create your own front page news report for your own cyclone.



Spelling- Spellodrome activities.

Maths- Mathletics activities.

(Note- your teacher can see the time you spend on your Spellodrome and Mathletics accounts. It is not optional to complete these activities. It is a part of your homework.)

Reading is not a homework TASK,  it is an expectation and an enjoyable pastime if you choose your novels carefully.

Homework T2 W5

Who is there to offer assistance to those experiencing the devastating effects of natural disasters?


Visit the homepage for the Victorian SES.

  1. There are links to 4 natural events on this homepage.  List the 4 events.


The homework this week is very timely due to the weather events happening in Australia.

You are going to be investigating the services available to people in need of assistance and right now one of the major services is the SES.




Use the flow chart above to answer these questions.

2. What types of incidents does the SES attend?

3. How do you contact the SES?

4. What can you do to support the SES?



Make a list of the operational and non-operational  roles of a volunteer .



5.What does each symbol mean?

There are many other organisations around the world who assist others in need due to Natural Disasters.

You need to choose one organisation and prepare a brief presentation to the grade explaining their role and give examples of world events they have been involved in.

You may prepare a speech/ Keynote/ mini movie/ poster. However you choose to share your information it must be your own! Do not copy slabs of information from the internet.

Be prepared to answer questions about your organisation.

Shelter box is an example.


Maths- continue on with your own Mathletics levels.  See your teacher if you are experiencing difficulties opening some tasks.


Homework T2 W3


Term 1 2018

Homework T1 W7:8

Homework T1 W6

Homework T1 W5

Homework T1 W4





Term 4

Homework Week 6 –

Leadership Presentation

Student Leadership Presentation:

For this week’s homework and as part of our leadership investigation, you are going to prepare a presentation about yourself and your leadership skills.

Your presentation can be one of the following:

  • A speech
  • A Keynote Presentation
  • An iMovie
  • If you have another idea you need to check with your teacher

Your Presentation should include:

  1. Information about yourself eg: hobbies.
  2. Explain the leadership skills you have and perhaps an example of a time that you’ve used them.
  3. Provide some examples of leadership opportunities that you’ve had. These can include opportunities both at school and outside of school. For example JSC/EC and/or captaining a sport team.
  4. Explain why you would like to be a school leader.

Your presentation should be between 1 and 2 minutes long.

  • Now that you’ve completed your presentation and you are considering applying to be a Grade 6 School Leader in 2018 you may consider using this presentation in support of your application.

DUE: Friday November 24th

week 4 homework

You have two weeks to complete this task.

The intention of this homework task is to prepare a 2 – 3 minute prepared talk to give to your class.

Your talk must be informative, well researched, carefully prepared using palm cards with 1 recording of your speech on your iPad.

You will share your recording with a family member before delivering to the class.

Choose a topic from the timeline that interests you and use a number of resources to inform you.

Leadership Timeline


Scroll along the timeline and find an event to investigate.  The picture above is a screen capture from the timeline. I have used this as an example of an event you may wish to investigate further. You will be ‘publishing’ an entry for our class timeline. It will be on an A4 piece of cover paper and form part of a banner for the classroom. In class, you will have the opportunity to select something that is of interest to you. Be prepared to ‘tell’ not read about your chosen event to the grade. Your iPad is to be used for research not publishing. You may need to visit other sites to gather more information about your event.

Your heading needs to include the date.


Term 4 week 3 homework


This is an excellent site showing the amount of tax you pay according to your income.


For the purpose of this homework activity, you will have an income of $100,000 per annum and you will have to pay tax on that income.  This sliding scale shows you will pay $24,947 to the government out of your $100,000.

Work out what that leaves you with.

Your task this week is to graph how your taxation dollars are spent by the government according to your $100,000 income.

(Hint- round the amounts to the nearest 100. Therefore  9,543 would = 9,500).

You each have graph paper or you may choose to use Numbers and select one of the many different types of graphs.


Without showing your parents this site, play a little game with them.

Cut out the page of icons showing how the government spends their tax dollars.

Have a family member order them according to how they want their money spent.

Compare how they ordered the icons to the actual amounts the government spent .

Paste their order in your homework book.

(see your teacher for your graph paper and page of icons)

Week 2 Homework: Money Money Money!

Task 1: Make A Bank Statement!

Your task this week involves making a bank statement to reflect all of the money coming in and out of your own personal bank account!

This all all hypothetical of course!

Here’s how you are going to do it.

STEP 1: Using the app: PAGES come up with a fake bank name and logo, you can design this yourself, be creative! This will go on the top of your page

STEP 2: create a table that has all of the headings as shown in the example below

Example Link to PDF: Bank Statement

STEP 3: Your bank account must have a starting balance. This will be the amount of money that you currently have. For a week you must show all of the transactions that could occur. This includes: food expenses, bills, payments from a job, activities (such as sport dancing), insurance etc. You can be creative with this!

STEP 4: You need to know what kind of transaction is occurring and state this in the ‘type of transaction column’. For example if you wanted some cash out for the week this type of transaction is called a withdrawal or a debit. Here is some information to help you recognise different transactions.

STEP 5: Each amount needs to either be added or deducted from your ongoing total. At the end of the week you must state your closing balance.

MATHLETICS: tasks are updated

SPELLODROME: tasks are updated

Term 4 Week 1 Homework Task

1. Leadership











Look at the two images above.

What does image one tell you about leadership?

What does image two tell you about leadership?

Throughout the course of the term we will be investigating leaders in our lives. How do you get to become a leader? What qualities does a good leader possess? Are all leaders, great leaders?

To start us off, you will pose 10 thoughtful questions for a leader who has had an impact on your life.

The leaders you choose could be from a sporting group, government, church or other community group.

Part 1 of your homework task is to devise a list of 10 interesting questions for them.

Part 2 of your homework will be to try and answer your own questions. If you can’t interview the person directly (for example our Prime Minster), then you will need to do some research.  If you can interview the person directly then that would be EVEN BETTER. Remember, a leader could be someone like your coach from basketball or your football team captain. Perhaps your parents have leadership roles at their work.

Continue to work through tasks in:



Term 3

Homework Week 8: Due 15th September

Design a rover to go on Mars!


This week you need to investigate the Mars curiosity rover. Using the website below, read through the information provided and answer the following questions in your homework book:



  1. At what speed did the Mars curiosity rover approach the planet Mars?
  2. What is the purpose of having this rover on Mars?
  3. What are the special features of this rover?
  4. What has the rover discovered about Mars so far?


Now that you understand a little bit more about rovers and their purpose in space you have a top secret challenge to complete…

NASA need help to design the rover that will go up to Mars in 2020. Your design must be labelled with clear features explaining their purpose. Be creative, maybe some of the features that you put on your rover is technology of the future!


SPELLODROME– see your teacher for your word list focus this week

MATHLETICS- continue to work through your assigned tasks.


Homework Week 7: Due 8th September

What Causes Tides?


This week you need to investigate how tides are caused. In your homework book you are going to write a descriptive paragraph about how tides are formed. Then draw a diagram with the moon and earth that explains this process.

For all information use the following website:



Using this website can you figure out the Tide times at St Kilda this week?


Select either the 3 day or 5 day tide graph and record the high and low tide times and water levels in your homework book.

Display this in your own graph!

Remember the following when drawing your graph:

  • Use a ruler
  • Make sure your x and y axis are clearly labelled
  • your graph needs a title
  • is it clear to read?


SPELLODROME– continue with your word list focus this week

MATHLETICS– continue to work through your assigned tasks.

Homework Task Week 6

Due 1st September. Oh for some sun!


Over the next week take a screen capture of the reading for Greensborough showing information about the sun for that day.

Scroll down the link to the table showing information about Greensborough for the whole month of August.

Write 5 statements using the information from the table.

Perhaps you notice something about the sunrise/ sunset times.

Moon phases- use link below. There is a lot of information on this site for you to link to and write statements about.


Maybe you can see what is happening to the length of our day?

If you forget to screen capture each day then use the information from the table.


Extension-  graph your information

You could research the shortest day/ longest day.

SPELLODROME- see your teacher for your word list focus this week

MATHLETICS- continue to work through your assigned tasks.


Make yourself a cardboard template of a space shuttle ( you will need a number of them to attach to a timeline)

Using string or ribbon (something we can hang in our classroom) attach your space shuttles as though on a timeline. Maybe you could peg them onto the ribbon.

Each shuttle needs to show the name of the mission, date of the mission, brief reason for the mission.

Here are some links for you to start your investigation. There are many more you can use or resources from the library. Remember that many books are quickly out of date.





Remember- 5 star QUALITY! Be prepared to contribute to class discussions about the shuttle missions. Read back through your homework and understand what you have produced.

5M- Your Mathletics data has been reviewed and further modules opened for you to access. This also applies to your Spellodrome lists.  You all have a number of lists available to you.


HOMEWORK TASK 2 – due Friday 4th August

HOMEWORK TASKS- Mathletics/ Spellodrome.





How did you go? Using the table above did you have any luck spotting the ISS?

Take a photo of the night sky above your house. Can you ‘photoshop’ in the ISS traveling past your house?

Use the information on the site above, it will show you a photograph of the ISS traveling through the night sky.


Make an Inspiration Map with the ISS in the centre. What do you now know about the International Space Station? To start you off use the information from the link above. Visit other sites for more information if you have time.

3 Homework tasks – due 11th August

(you have an extra week for homework- expectations are high!)

Your Mathletics and Spellodrome tasks are being monitored by your teacher and activities will be assigned as required.

Additional Spellodrome lists are available to you each week as some students are working their way through additional lists each week. Well done.

Your INQUIRY task needs to be completed each week and be ready to share with the class each Friday.

We will be posting some quality work samples each week to show what can be achieved with some effort. Will yours be next?


Here is your Weird Space Investigation for week 3.

(Prior tasks have been ‘Animals in Space’ and  ‘The International Space Station’.)

Choose a person who has made an interesting contribution to Space.

Make a poster (digital or non-digital) of this person highlighting their contribution/s to SCIENCE, in particular SPACE

We have already done NEIL ARMSTRONG so you cannot choose him. Try and be unique. Can you be the ONLY ONE in all of the Grade 5s to choose your person?


Week 1 homework tasks

This term all homework tasks will be accessible only through your classroom blog.

No photocopied activities will be provided so please ensure you access your homework before Friday and see your teacher if you need assistance.

Each week you will be required to work through Mathletics and SPELLODROME tasks set by your teacher. These tasks will follow up the work being done in your classroom. The tasks you complete can be viewed by your teacher.

Finally, you will be presented with a mini SPACE INVESTIGATION. These investigations will focus more on the weird and wonderful.


Okay, so I am hoping you realise this is another example of PHOTOSHOP, but you are going to investigate the topic ‘ANIMALS IN SPACE.’

  1. Title your page ‘ ANIMAL SPACE MISSIONS.’
  2. Set out your information in table format using the following headings:-  TYPE OF ANIMAL / YEAR OF THE MISSION/ COUNTRY LEADING THE MISSION / REASON FOR THE MISSION

Beneath your table include a list of the resources / sites visited.

Term 2

Homework T2 W6

Homework T2 W5

Homework T2 W4

Homework T2 W3

Link for task 3: https://www.melbournewater.com.au/waterdata/rainfallandriverleveldata/Pages/Rainfall-and-river-level-new.aspx

Homework T2 W2


Homework T1 W3

Homework T1 W4

Homework T1 W5

Homework T1 W6

Homework T1 W7

Homework T1 W8

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