How mean are you?

That is ‘mean’ as in mean maths, modes and medians.

Look at the footballer link and calculate their mean weight and height. Use vertical addition in your maths book and set out neatly.footballer heights and weightsScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.55.11 PM

2. Look at petrol prices (per gallon) in America this week.

What is the average price on this display? Again set out the prices in your maths book. You can use the calculator for division is needed.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.03.41 PMUSA petrol prices this week

Now try the mean, median and mode of these numbers. (Copy them into your grid book.)

345   367  432  345  369  424  384

Balancing Equations

Learning intention: To be able to balance an equation so that it is equal on both sides.

Today you will be investigating what it means to balance an equation. This is your gateway into algebra!

Click on the link below and complete the activities. Record your balanced equations in your Maths Grid Book.—-Numbers/

Next, you need to create 10 equations for a partner. Leave one number unknown. Can your partner balance the equations.

Test your knowledge of balancing equations by finding the missing numbers. Remember – work out what you know first, then think about the unknown.

Balancing Equations – B

Balancing Equations – C

Halls Gap Location Activity

Click on the link below to access the website Daft Logic.

Choose FIVE locations that we visited around Hall’s Gap (eg: Venus Baths) and measure the distance we traveled. To do this you need to click on the locations we traveled to and drop a pin. The website will calculate the total distance traveled.

Using pages create a table to show the distance to each of your locations.

Body Height Chart

Rounding numbers

Picture 27

Week 3  maths number -rounding

As Mrs Budget is half way through her shopping she has realised she has left her wallet at home. Fortunately she has $100 emergency money in her bag to get her by. She rounds the price of each item to help her keep tabs on her spending.

Will she have enough for her groceries?

How quickly can you calculate the approximate cost of her shopping? What will she need to do before she gets to the register?

Is she over or under her budget?

How close to $100 can you get with the groceries in her cart?

Do you need to put items back? Can you buy more than one of the items in the trolley to get you to $100.  Show your rounding and calculations in your maths grid book.

Money Maths

Coles Brochure

Use your grid book to record the following problems. You will find the prices located in the Coles brochure above.

  1. 2kg of Royal Gala apples, two packets of Thins Originals and a packet of grapes.
  2. one bag of carrots, 1 dozen Hot Cross buns, and one bottle of Sanpellegrino.
  3. one pancake shake, one bottle of Green’s maple syrup and two jars of Nutella.
  4. one box of Solo, 2kg of prawns and 700g of Coles shredded tasty cheese

Shopping Challenge

You have $100 to spend. You can only select an item once. List the price of every item that you select in your grid book. Estimate as you go, in order to get as close to spending $100 as possible. If your final total is less or more than $100, find the difference and record it in your book.


How much money did you save in problems 1 to 4 above?


Addition & Subtraction Revision

Complete these problems in your maths grid book. One digit per box!  Check your work carefully.



Play the following game:

Round Up or Round Down

Complete these activities in your maths grid book.

Activity 1.  Rounding G5 p10

Activity 2.  rounding grade 5


Place Value

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