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Money Maths

Coles Brochure

Use your grid book to record the following problems. You will find the prices located in the Coles brochure above.

  1. 2kg of Royal Gala apples, two packets of Thins Originals and a packet of grapes.
  2. one bag of carrots, 1 dozen Hot Cross buns, and one bottle of Sanpellegrino.
  3. one pancake shake, one bottle of Green’s maple syrup and two jars of Nutella.
  4. one box of Solo, 2kg of prawns and 700g of Coles shredded tasty cheese

Shopping Challenge

You have $100 to spend. You can only select an item once. List the price of every item that you select in your grid book. Estimate as you go, in order to get as close to spending $100 as possible. If your final total is less or more than $100, find the difference and record it in your book.


How much money did you save in problems 1 to 4 above?


Addition & Subtraction Revision

Complete these problems in your maths grid book. One digit per box!  Check your work carefully.



Play the following game:

Round Up or Round Down

Complete these activities in your maths grid book.

Activity 1.  Rounding G5 p10

Activity 2.  rounding grade 5


Place Value

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